October 30th, 2006


The Jane Asher effect

I actually have very little interest in the backbiting and gossip-mongering over the Paul & Heather fiasco ~~ however, this little thingy surely did tickle me funnybone ~~

According to [Linda McCartney's] confidante Peter Cox ~
Mr Cox is the man in possession of the 'Linda Tapes' - 20 hours of conversations recorded when he was writing a cook book with her -

The Jane Asher effect

Mr Cox said that on days when Linda was feeling uninspired, he would use his 'secret weapon' - a cake recipe book by Jane Asher, Sir Paul's former fiancée.

"If she was a bit down, I'd slam it on the kitchen table and it acted like a red rag to a bull. Linda would say: 'Right, let's get going'."