October 12th, 2006


Epsteiny YouTube Surprise ~ Excellent! Pleasant? ...Nope, it's ORGASMIC! (to me, anyway)

I've been meaning to post something Lennonesque by reason of Oct 9 ~~ but lately I've been quite distracted by that blasted thing called real life, and poor li'l ole Lennon and his eppylover birthday tribute just had to wait. This is what I call poetic justice, as Johnny-L kept the poor Epmeister waiting (for various and sundry) many, many times.

These two vids were not made by me, yet all the pics (thanks to my friends who provided me with many of them!) come from my own hard drive. I stumbled across these vids by chance!
Collapse )

BTW, Trini has had a John tribute up since his birthday Oct 9 which I had failed to pass on to people (come on y'all, any of you can check BWTB weekly too, can'tcha?)... Anyhoo, her P'bucket event is totally full of Gripweed! Woo! Da 'Weed is Smokin'...!!!

Still pooping puttering away at my John post. If Daughter of Doom steps aside a little more often, I could post a little more often. Ah well. As she tells me ~ "I'm da baby ~ ani in love smiley ~ gotta love me!"