October 5th, 2006


This was supposed to be yesterday's post.

I never got to actually entering this post yesterday...

I must have needed it. After getting Daughter of Doom off to school I slithered back into bed and zonked until almost 2pm. Didn't sleep worth poop last night, so that was nice. Sure don't do that very often!

It's my ex-husband Jim's 64th birthday today!
Yes, for more than 10 years now he's had another wife to need him and feed him.
The man who introduced me to agnosticism in 1970 is now a flamin' xian. ani googly eyes smiley Whatever floats yer boat, dude!

And... Eppy Chib!nipples...!
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Chib!Brian fresh out of the bath wearing a towel.
Only on chibbeatles!
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Gay Rights ~~ If you don't believe in it, then just ignore this.

> If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this.
Brian has a headache
A lot of people have fallen for this meme, which ends in the above sentence. This meme is not merely a plea for a show of support.
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EDIT: There are actually a few communities and LJ'ers who are AGAINST gay marriage! But not very damn many, compared to the pro-gay marriage people and communities!
See http://www.livejournal.com/interests.bml?int=no+gay+marriage

Are there any other search terms you can think of?

Yelling at the bad guys was the highlight of his entire weekend.

From [ THIS POST ] in red_justice's journal ~~

THE SCENE: Driving with my two sons to protest the closure of two health clinics for the poor.

8 YEAR OLD: "Why don't they want poor people to see a doctor?"

ME: "Well, when concentrations of power like a government make decisions on how to spend their money, they will often choose to spend it on serving those with power in our society. Poor people don't have much power. So, it's easy to cut funding to the programs poor people need because they can't easily exercise power over the decisionmakers."

8 YEAR OLD: "I'm glad we're not poor. Have I ever been poor?"

ME: "Well, I've been poor. Your mother has been poor. We've had some struggles during the time when you've been with us but no, you've never been poor. Struggling is when you're faced with bad options. Poor is when you don't have options."

8 YEAR OLD: "What are we going to do at the protest?"

ME: "We're going to lend them our power. What daddy does for a living is to try and convince those who have power to share it with those who do not. Sometimes we can do this by showing that the powerless have friends with power."

8 YEAR OLD: "What if they don't want to share their power?"

ME: "Then we stop asking and we take their power from them."

5 YEAR OLD: "Are we going to get to yell at some bad guys?"

ME: LAUGHTER: "Yes, we're going to get to yell at some bad guys."