September 28th, 2006


Piracy & Crediting, then Monkees & Beatles screen gems, etc.

Okay, so a friend is telling me about a guy getting all buttsprung about "his" pics that she posted on her blog. And she didn't print a "thank you" to him with it.

I'm talking about a simpleminded internet state of mind I could NEVER understand. Collapse )

Hey Hey, Look At This!
I'm printing this sucker out
and keeping it in front of my TV!

Beatle Cartoon Vids

Check out this YouTube member "Adriana1974" ~~ amongst her offerings: so many of the old Beatles U.S. cartoons ~ I wouldn't be surprised if they are ALL here. See 'em before "somebody" makes them take these offline, too!

While we're on the subject.
OH LORDY. This is priceless.

Finally... when you go to click on each year to find all of the TV and film that Brian's Boys ever appeared on from 1962-1969, even the minor ones. I loved looking through these!

Collapse ) G'night, luvs!