September 5th, 2006


Uh-oh. Bought something I shouldn't have. I was weak. (Don't cane me, sir!)

Oh dear. Christine was very naughty.
Christine put $25.00 on her credit card
to purchase this big 18x12 print:
Brian Epstein, under the iron bird

Christine must have this framed and hung over her bed.
Christine insists that her Brian always be well-hung when he's near her bed. At that, Brian shrieks, "I've been framed!" also has 20 pages of thumbnails of Beatles prints, some of which are pretty neat.

If I had a website, I'd put their banner on it and be "an affiliate"
... and get 80¢ for every $8.00 sale they made by someone clicking their banner.
I really like their stuff, even the non-Beatle stuff. Cool.

Well, guess I'd better post a few more pics to make this worth your time...
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OMG, I didn't expect this to turn into such a spam! Yikes. @_@