August 27th, 2006


Yikes. MySpace was never my space anyway.

Interest spurred by something that just happened sydpenguinbunny ~ I assume that if she hadn't had a virus-catching program installed, she would never have known until it had done much more damage.

Just a heads-up here. MySpace is but one of many places where I've been spreading the word on Eppy and the movie. Well. It seems that, from now on, I'll only stop by there when absolutely necessary.
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For now, I'll stick to going to that target-rich environment only when absolutely necessary, thank you.
p.s. In case you're wondering, I'm still working up today's post for the 39th anniversary of Brian's death.

Misc. Brian Epstein materials commemorating August 27, 1967

Since The Beatles Discography is a book that's for sale, many of their once-available website pages are now blocked. They want you to buy the book, obviously, and aren't going to give it to you for free online.

Fortunately, before they put the block on it, I made a jpg of this part of their webpage dealing with the last days and death of our Brian. There are some details here you won't get anywhere else.

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Just because I can, here are a couple of digital photos of the Liverpool Post issue that I purchased last year on eBay, and have packed up & stored away since long before I bought my scanner. Collapse )

Various other newspaper and magazine article (clickable but not thoroughly readable) images nicked off eBay:

Someone else's scrapbook Someone else's scrapbook

Lastly, a link to the post I made last year and reposted this year In Loving Memory

See also: the_fifthbeatle and mrbrianepstein archives for much more Brian.