August 26th, 2006


A short pre-memorial

After his lecture, the Maharishi invited George and his friends [the Beatles, et al] to join him for his ten-day course in North Wales, where they could learn Transcendental Meditation.

The group accepted his invitation and placed a call to Brian Epstein, hoping he would also come along. For five years the boys had never gone anywhere without their manager or someone appointed by him to look out for them. "It's like going somewhere without your trousers on," John said.

Epstein declined, suggesting he might drive up toward the end of the retreat.

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The epitaph on Epstein's tombstone does not say anything about his life accomplishments. The grave is simple, says Nat Weiss, as befits a man whom he calls a good Jew. "Brian adhered to the best tenets of Judaism, he kept to the highest values of the Jewish faith," he says.

"He was an honest man, extremely fair in his dealings. He was very compassionate and understanding of his fellow man, he believed in mercy and compassion. He was very kind and very generous. He was like a saint in that respect.
Moment Magazine article by Nadine Epstein and Walter Podrazik