August 5th, 2006


Blame the Irish, with a Beatlebootvid

No comments on the previous post! Omigawd, it must have been the ultimate in borrrring!!!

I know, I know ~ The title "Hanging out in the Cavern with Brian Epstein" was quite misleading ~ but hey, that's what the actual article was called! So put the blame on the Irish! (The Irish Independent website, that is)

Sorry, I've been kinda busy ~ still am ...
(Just thought I'd check in and 'ave a larf) ani laughing smiley
Meanwhile, here's a video with a song I've never heard.
(Because your eppylover is not the biggest listener of Beatles boots)
Eppy, Ed and the boys CLICKEZ-VOUS
It actually includes a couple of unfamiliar pics, too... this isn't an actual video, but a series of photos to accompany the song.
BTW, I can see why this one wasn't legitimately released ~ Brian's boys are *gasp!* quite out of tune here and there!

I've already spent too much time here see ya later!

A favor, a favor, por favor?

On YouTube ~ but for how long...?
Each episode (except part 3) is almost 10 minutes long!
The Beatles: The Echos & the Dream Part 1
The Beatles: The Echos & the Dream Part 2
The Beatles: The Echos & the Dream Part 3
The Beatles: The Echos & the Dream Part 4
The Beatles: The Echos & the Dream Part 4
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BriI definitely cannot listen to all these episodes of this very rare radio show...
Eppylover predicts:

Anyhoo, all I ask is, can anyone listening to these, please let me know if there is any Eppy in it and where?

(Aw, but you knew that's what I wanted, isn't it?) ;)

Shabbat Shmooz ~ Plushy Judaica!

A comic for this week's Shabbat shmooz ~ from one of Stephy's fave comic websites!
(Yes, this is full of stereotype... but both characters are supposed to be jerks!)
The Karnak Hates Everything Show

The sweet li'l Kosher Penguin in the comic can be found on this page... and this is where you can also find "the waddling Fab Four" ...gee, I wonder who they're supposed to be?
(Note: when you click on a thumbnail, scroll down for the larger pic & description.)

=====Collapse )

Kosher Dog Toys ... ?!
Some of these pet toys make me giggle...

Lox the fish...
Schmaltz the chicken...
Tuchis the Donkey... (get it?)
and Schlep, the furry squeaky camel...
(pictured elsewhere on Ari's page)

...but I can't make out what the name on the bug is...
I'd make a bad Jew, wouldn't I? ;_;