August 4th, 2006


She's my same age, lived a Liverpool teenhood, parents knew Bri's ~ is now an award-winning author!

[Aside to my flist peoples:
Yes, for those who are interested, I will get back to answering questions and writing more on my analysis of Brian when I can get to that point again.]

The below article covers an award-winning journalist and author. All the awards can go jump in the lake, because what's more important is that she was born the same year as the eppylover, and was a teenager in Liverpool during Beatlemania! Even more lovely is that her parents were good friends of Brian's folks. *sigh*

I only wish she would write something about the Epsteins, personally.
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Hanging out in the Cavern with Brian Epstein

Liverpool-born author Linda Grant ~ her parents were friends with Brian's folks

Novelist Linda Grant tells Sarah Caden that there were certain advantages to being a middle-class Jewish teenager in Liverpool during the exciting Sixties

(Linda's bio from her own site)
(Linda's bio-British Council of Arts site)

Collapse ) "As a teenager in Liverpool in the Sixties," she explains, "all you wanted was to be involved in this wonderful thing that was happening, the Beatles and all the different groups. So, at 13, I was sneaking out to the lunchtime sessions at the Cavern, desperate to be part of that, and though my parents disapproved, they couldn't completely put it down because the son of their friends, Brian Epstein, was running it all. There was a real feeling of your parents trying to keep you inside this enclave and I didn't want any of it." Collapse )