July 25th, 2006


Eppy-related YouTube vids

For your perusal, a couple of found items:
Derek Taylor on Brian Epstein
The Death of Brian Epstein

There are also a couple of John Lennon vids ~ basically part 1 and part 2 of the 1970 Jann Wenner audios. Links are at the bottom of this post.

As we know, the Lennon memory was the most unstable of the boys, yet the mouth was the most mobile ~ so John is very blunt in his faulty assessment of Eppy. Collapse )

I've always felt John owed a great debt to Eppy's legacy for acting as the Allen Klein bad-mouthing puppet, but Lennon was never one to easily apologize...even after Klein had proved to be more uncaring and greedy than Brian could ever be.

part one
part two