July 16th, 2006

Brian hearts Ringo

Pattie's Autobiography, as per the Daily Mail

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Patti's Revenge on Eric Clapton
Daily Mail 21:26pm 14th July 2006


Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd Harrison ClaptonShe has been silent for 40 years. Now tempted by a £1m pay cheque, the world's most famous rock chick is set to reveal every detail of her abusive marriage to Eric Clapton

Amid the amphitheatrical splendour of Verona’s Roman arena, Eric Clapton was not a happy man. On stage in front of 15,000 adoring fans at the lavish open-air venue this week, he was plagued by the draining summer heat and a particularly persistent mosquito.

"As he’s become older he gets miserable when it’s too hot," says a member of the 61-year-old rock star’s entourage. "He was bothered by the flies and his glasses kept steaming up." Clapton’s misery as he performed his classics Layla and Wonderful Tonight might also have been due, in part at least, to the woman about whom he wrote his two most famous love songs.

Holed up in her 17th-century cottage in the West Sussex countryside, Pattie Boyd, Clapton’s ex-wife and the woman he stole from Beatle George Harrison, is working feverishly on her autobiography.Collapse )

Part 2

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Pattie's book, Part 2
According to the Daily Mail
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When she rejected his entreaties for her to leave Harrison for him, he wrote the tortured love song Layla for her. Eventually, as George became more and more obsessed with the teachings of his new spiritual guru, Pattie fell into Eric’s arms. They continued their affair behind George’s back, even disappearing for trysts in an upstairs cupboard during candlelit games of hide and seek with an unsuspecting George at his huge Gothic mansion, Friar Park in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

It was not Pattie’s first affair either. In the early Seventies, Harrison and guitarist Ronnie Wood, who would go on to join the Rolling Stones, negotiated a wife swop, with Pattie escorting Wood on holiday to the Bahamas while George took Ronnie’s then wife Krissy to his rented villa in Portugal.

Harrison finally twigged that Clapton had ‘done it’ with his wife when he arrived at a party at the home of his then manager Robert Stigwood in Stanmore, Middlesex, to see his best friend and Pattie acting like husband and wife. Clapton, who by then was living with model Cathy James, confessed his affair with Pattie to George and told him bluntly that he wanted her for himself. Harrison’s reaction was unexpected. He told Clapton: "Whatever you like, man." Then added: "You can have her and I’ll have your girlfriend."
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He also admitted that Clapton has insisted on censoring his version of rock history. "Eric is not going to lay open his whole life," Sykes said. "There will be things he will keep private, because he says he doesn’t want his entire life laid bare to the public. He will choose what he doesn’t say himself.

"Eric and I are about half way through the book and haven’t really got to Pattie yet, but he is incredibly generous about her." Time will tell if Clapton feels so well disposed to his ex once he reads the no-holds-barred revelations of the woman he immortalised in song. In the meantime, just like during this week’s performance, he’ll have to keep sweating.


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Samples of Pattie Boyd's photography on exhibit

Cover Photos of George and Eric:
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Brian and Eric at airport, Summer of 1967
Brian and Eric at airport, Summer of 1967
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