June 5th, 2006


Chapter Two of Eppylover's "The Man Who's Making The Brian Epstein Movie"

NOTE: Check out the bottom of this post for the names of just SOME of the artists Vivek has worked with!

Vivek TiwaryVivek Tiwary is the man making the movie, The Fifth Beatle

Here's the original Rolling Stone article that broke the news

The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum
This is where you can talk to Vivek, me and
others, and provide ideas for the movie. We
can always use your input... the movie isn't
made until it's made, y'know!

Click Here To Get Started

            HERE'S PART ONE

To tell you about one of Vivek's enterprises,
I'll quote from The Animators.com links page ~
"Unlike a lot of other "industry" websites, Starpolish isn't after your money.

Founder Vivek Tiwary is just a really nice guy who really wants to help musicians succeed.

My favorite part of their site is the very detailed advice on the business of music: building a street team, landing the DEAL, etc. But there's a lot of useful tools on there as well."
Another article:
Who is Vivek Tiwary?
From the website of  Richard P. Dieguez, Entertainment Attorney ~
Vivek J. Tiwary is the Founder and President/CEO of both StarPolish and Tiwary Entertainment Group (TEG).

...Vivek has 10 years experience in the arts and entertainment industries, primarily working in music and theatre.
  • Prior to founding TEG in 1999 and StarPolish in 2000, Vivek started and ran the Alternative Marketing Department at Mercury Records, where he recruited, hired, trained, and directed Mercury's national Alternative Marketing field staff.
  • He also designed and executed national cross-promotions for Mercury with a variety of non-music corporate sponsors ranging from AT&T to Airwalk.
  • Vivek has also held several other record label positions, including Manager of Video Promotion for Mercury Records (working with MTV and VH1), and
  • Founder and Director of The Alternative/College Marketing Program for SEED Records (then a division of Atlantic Records).
Through these varied positions, Vivek has garnered significant experience in virtually every aspect of artist development - including
press and publicity
Internet lifestyle
street marketing
He has also worked with artists covering the entire musical spectrum, including
Jon Bon Jovi
The Cardigans
Allen Ginsberg

LL Cool J
John Mellencamp
The Mighty Mighty BossTones
Nashville Pussy

Pearl Jam
Roni Size/Reprazent
Rusted Root
Bruce Springsteen
Shania Twain
Lucinda Williams
...to name but a few.

Eppylover note: Vivek was a producer of the Tony Award-
winning Broadway revival of “A Raisin In The Sun”
starring Sean "Puffy" Combs and Phylicia "Bill Cosby's
TV wife" Rashad.
Vivek Tiwary's 'A Raisin In The Sun'
He also is an initial investor/Limited Partner in Mel Brooks’ "The Producers" ~ !
Brian Epstein - photo from White Album collage poster
I'm so glad such a talented, generous man is so obsessed with telling Brian's story.
Let's back him up as best we can!

Hell, Ginsberg, and Jammie Dodgers

Sign for Hell, MichiganHey ~ not too close, but not too far from us is Hell, Michigan ...
and they're slated to have a hot time tomorrow!!!
See links below!!!

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Link #3         Link#4
Link #5         Link #6

More Links, some from the UK, France, etc.


I'm slightly familiar with the beat poet Allen Ginsberg; however, I'm unimpressed ~ perhaps only because I've never paid him any attention ~ except for the definitely negative reaction our Brian had upon meeting him! Collapse )


I am asking three questions of everyone who reads this:

1. Do you know what Jammie Dodgers are?
2. Have you ever had Jammie Dodgers and do you like them?
3. Have you ever heard the Eddie Izzard reference to Jammie Dodgers?


Upper-Class Quote of the Day:
"Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands and all you can do is scratch it."
    ~ Sir Thomas Beecham to a lady cellist