June 4th, 2006


Sorry I couldn't get online yet today

Couldn't get the computer at all this a.m. ~ Steph had stuff going online until just before noon, at which time her friend Christof came over goading her to accompany him to this anime convention thingy. But she hadn't eaten (almost 17 and cannot make her own breakfast, she's feeling faint, ahhhh!) so I had to throw a bagel w/cream cheese & coffee together for her ~ it's 1pm and I still haven't had my instant breakfast, and I'm not in such a good mood.

As soon as she's finished with her bagel (she's a very slow eater, and her friend is patiently waiting with her watching G4) I have to drive them over to the convention thingy.

Later, then. *sigh*


They have been dropped off, but the man came home, and I cannot answer a comment I promised for fear he will figure something out. He's momentarily in the bathroom, so here am I for a sec. Maybe I can con him into taking me out to brunch somewhere to pass the time until he hopefully goes back to church tonight. (Usual religion-drone schedule is Church twice on Sundays and once on Wednesday night.)
G'bye again.
ChibBeatles! Brian Epstein by apartment4

Sunday Mini-Sermonette & Holy Product Pimping, Batman!

As the Royal Queen AnimeStephkotsu, Ruler of All Home Computeristics, has finally relinquished her seemingly hundred-years' reign of terror on this machine, we shall venture, brothers, unto a semi-plagiarism mode ~

Verily I say unto thee, for this week the esteemed Rev Eppylover surrendereth her podium to the esteemed Rev ladyeffingbroke, who sprouteth this Link of Whiz-dumb:


"in keepins' with th' gen'rul religiousness n' all of Jeebus' spayshul Day?

Glory Hole Ill Lou Ya


Yer may-un shud jes' luv it!"


So sayeth the Fonz, halla-tosis, bros!


...oh, and as long as I mentioned Batman in the title of this post, I may as well tell you there are new entries in the Superdickery gallery!!!

However, my all-time fave will always be Batman's Greatest Boner!