May 23rd, 2006


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Having gotten Stephy off to school, I was in the process of glancing over my flist and thought I'd say hi. I'll probably not spend too much more time online today, but I've been known to fool myself.

Someone's comment on a friend's post has quickly inspired this thought:

Stephy and I despise the modern slut clothing fad!!!
And dresses are a huge NO with us. Unless it's a total necessity for some reason — i.e. we're in a wedding party and it's the "costume" they picked — we refuse to wear dresses, even long ones.

Dresses, being open at the bottom, symbolize the submissiveness of womanhood. Really. Think about it.

In self-defense I'm forcing myself to act somewhat submissive for the next couple years anyway, so I certainly don't want to dress like it, too.

My thinking is, that since both age and bodysize discrimination are recognized as legitimate bad attitudes these days, the fashion dominatrixes (dominatrices?) have been promoting streetwalker attire, and it achieves the same result — excludes the women with normal or larger physiques, and the majority of over-30's.

It's pathetic that the young people ~ who think they're being oh so rebellious ~ are merely mooo-ing along with the rest of their peers with these concentration-camp bodies and spreadyerlegs clothing.

I, for one, don't think it's attractive at all.
But who am I against all the fashion dictators?
Now to comment on another item of discussion
— in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,
you shouldn't have too much of a problem
guessing who my fave character is.
        (Hint: think "proper")

Yays and yummers! Have purchased the newest form of Instant Breakfast! DARK CHOCOLATE.

There's a New "Topic" for y'all on the Fifth Beatle Board ~ actually what I'm doing is letting you read some of what I think are interesting Brian pages in obscure books and other texts ~ from my "library" and online searches ~ that you otherwise probably would not have found very easily. Little thingies I've unearthed here and there on the Eppy.

This first selection is quite short and may not be too fascinating as a read, but it's very important in my opinion (and I admit to being quite an opinionated old bitch). It simply states why the author feels Brian Epstein was THE great innovative manager, and why the popular notion that he negotiated "bad deals" for his Boys is a wrong notion.
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Bye till later, who knows when.