May 14th, 2006


Sunday Sermon's Guest Pastor: Rev. Simon Napier-Bell

Edited from
whatsgoingon for apr 30, 2006

Simon Napier-Bell 1981"The Pope objected to Harry Potter books because, he said, they might
stimulate children to think about good and evil in a way which didn't follow Christian teaching. Children thinking for themselves, of course, would be a disaster for religious dogma.

Whether it's Christianity, Islam or Judaism, it's all the same sludge. It clogs up young brains like saturated fat in old people's arteries and eventually leads to a brain attack. Christians have been a bit smug this year, looking on in a superior way as their fellow Islamic religionists suffered multiple brain attacks and ran around threatening to kill cartoonists. Forty years ago I remember Christian mobs doing much the same thing. John Lennon told a reporter the Beatles were bigger than Jesus and the next day religionist thugs flocked into the streets of southern US cities threatening to kill any Beatle who dared come to town. Not surprisingly the Beatles were scared.
They never played live again.

Here's a few things that might be a step in the right direction. Secular governments should list religion as a mental disorder. Parents with this disorder should not be allowed to bring up children. Protection should be given to children under existing laws governing mental health. Three new laws need to be passed.

* Churches and places of worship should be subject to the same licensing laws as pubs and bars and no-one under the age of 18 should be allowed into them.

* The age of consent for entering into any religious ceremony should be 18 and a ban should be imposed on all christenings, baptisms, faith related circumcisions and religious initiation rites for anyone under that age.

* Anyone attempting to convert a person under 18 to a religious belief
should be prosecuted and put on the religious offenders register."

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Mothers Day 2006

Stephy has had nearly total control of the computer for 2 days straight.
But she did make me a sprite comic for Mother's Day:

Stephy's Mother's Day 'card' sprite comic to me

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You will notice that nowhere does it say "Happy Mother's Day."
Such is the way of my Stephy.