April 10th, 2006


Eppylover Remembers: 1968 John & Paul's Tonight Show Appearance

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May 14, 1968 --

17-year-old Christine sits in front of the TV as usual watching the Tonight Show... but this time without Johnny Carson! She's pleasantly awestruck to see a surprise visit from Lennon and McCartney as they walk on, but soon starts feeling embarrassed as hell for the poor Boys, thinking it's a good thing this didn't happen during the Epstein years. What a godforsaken humiliating experience that was ...

Collapse )

Here's a web page, Sooz's Beatles Collectors, that has some rare aim-camera-at-TV photos of that broadcast.

HERE's a very nice clear photo of the Lennon/McCartney Tonight Show appearance, from a recent POST on beatlepics.

Best of all, a large page full of Beatle interview transcriptions ~ including this one from the Tonight Show!