April 6th, 2006


The Rolling Stones - Featuring Gene Pitney!

I've never been a great Pitney fan, but this was intriguing:
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Update (4/6/06)

Just to recap, the basic news per Reuters News Service
was that singer Gene Pitney (click for earlier post)
was found dead in his hotel room Wednesday. Pitney was on tour in the UK.
The very last song he sang on stage in his life was
Town Without Pity (click title to download this song from YouSendIt.com, mp3 format 1023.80KB)

Like many celebrities for many years, he'd done the BBC's long-running "Desert Island Discs" show in March.
***Brian Connection:
According to   Victor Munoz   of   The Internet Beatles Album
    (Extra popup will show what happened in Beatles history Today)

On either 6 November or 18 November, of 1964 — they're not sure —
Brian Epstein recorded his first and only appearance on the BBC
Home Service programme `Desert Island Discs'.
    >Note: Anyone wishing Eppylover The Christine to search for and manually type out the details on Brian's appearance, the records he chose, etc. — she does know approximately where the info is located — from her library of research materials, you might well arsk.
The curious thing was, Gene was managed by the Stones' Andrew Loog Oldham and was also associated with a couple of Rolling Stones tracks that have long been circulating among collectors. You wouldn't have thought that of him.
Here's a bio that mentions part of the Gene Pitney/Rolling Stones involvement

Article about Gene on 'Desert Island Discs'
A short bio of Gene Pitney by Tom Simon
independent.co.uk article The hidden Gene

From WhatGoesOn.com - Victor Spinetti News

From Front Page > The Beatles
Latest news as of Thursday, April 6, 2006


Victor Spinetti and Julia BairdVictor Spinetti, Beatles pal who appeared in A Hard Day's Night, Help! and Magical Mystery Tour, has accepted the role of Patron of The Swansea Bay Film Festival and will be in Swansea during the event this coming June 3rd to June 9th. [more...]
Source: News Wales

A rare mention of our Brian in Simon's website/blog


From: Neil Simms, Machester, UK
To: simon@blackvinylwhitepowder.com

I was just reading your book Black Vinyl White Powder and reached the part about a Jimi Hendrix concert in London which you went to and everyone was there - the Beatles, the Stones, etc. You said it was just in a small theatre.
Which one was it?


Hi Neil

It was the Saville Theatre, now a multiplex cinema in the part of Shaftesbury Avenue nobody goes to go (to the east of Charing Cross Road ).

Brian Epstein (the Beatles' manager) bought the theatre in order to put on pop and rock concerts every Sunday at 5pm. They were open to the public, of course, but the events were so stunning that the whole music industry turned up every week - artists, managers, record company people -
(for the rest of Simon's reply, see the April 6 email entry at http://www.simonnapierbell.com/)