April 5th, 2006


Gene Pitney Dead

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Gene Pitney dies after Cardiff show
Apr 5 2006

Singer Gene Pitney has died in the middle of his UK tour.

The 65-year-old American star, whose hits included Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
and Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart, was found dead in his hotel room in
Cardiff this morning, his agent confirmed.

Pitney had played the city’s St David’s Hall last night.

His death came as a shock to friends, who said he had appeared in good health.

Pitney’s tour manager James Kelly said the singer was found dead in his room
by long-term friend Geoff Clennell.

Eppy connection: Former "boyfriend" Diz Gillespie, the skuzzy bastard who ripped Brian off at the end of the '66 tour, broke his heart badly and destroyed much of his self-confidence, had been described by Lonnie Trimble as resembling Gene Pitney quite a bit.
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AARP Magazine Cover Boy Macca


AARP Cover Boy Paul McCartney
Guess what: I am officially a retired
person, and I do belong to AARP
(for the express purpose of greatly
lowering our auto insurance rates).
And I do receive the magazine.

For some reason, though,
this issue has not arrived yet.

If it were Brian on the cover, I would be going ballistic!
I can be patient for the Macca. Yoda says so. "PATIENCE!"

Here be The Paulie Articles with clickie goodies.

p.s. I'd still rather trade being 55 and owning all the memories and memorabilia.
I would trade it for being between ages 25-35, knowing what I know now,
and living back in early 1967.
The eppylover would change history, yes she would, even if it killed her!
The eppylover does not ask for much.