March 30th, 2006


Tom Jones Gets Knighted

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Every time another, less-deserving, swingin' 60's pop person gets knighted, I seethe with more anger than before. You know why, of course.

Nobody would ever have heard of any of them if it hadn't been for my Brian.

This is the truth:
- The Swingin' 60's didn't start until Brian made it happen.
- The Swingin' 60's were effectively over when Brian died.

Brian Epstein WAS The Alpha and Omega of The Swingin' 60's.

Hey, Queen and Prime Minister of England - Where's the knighthood for Brian Epstein?
And Boys, where is the Concert For Eppy?
We're still waiting... ;_;

Posthumous Knighthoods -- Christine Learns Something

Eppylover Headline News:
Reply To zyzzybalubah Becomes Public Post

Zyzzybalubah writes:
(Do they knight deceased people in England? If so, why no silly little medals for John & George? And poor Ringo is still kickin'...why not one for him?

It seems like the knighthood is becoming like the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame insomuch as eventually every famous British person will be knighted just as eventually every rock band will be in the RnRHoF.)

Eppylover's Reply:
Zyzz, indeed, many people have been posthumously knighted by the Queen. I was previously under the impression that John and George had been bestowed knighthoods, mainly because of all the news reports after their deaths that it would happen.

I was going to reply in that vein (that they were indeed knighted posthumously), but I generally like to back up my statements with a link. Well, duh, to my surprise, I find that the "Sir-hoods" of John Lennon and George Harrison do not exist after all. As you probably knew all along. *blush*

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and the RRHoF... jeez...
I swear that every wealthy guitar-wielding schmuck will get that dubious "honor."

However, it burns me that all sorts of LIVING "non-performers" that I've never heard of are inducted, and Brian Epstein NEVER will be. Unless... someone makes a miracle happen, somehow. Collapse )

There are very few (if any) decision-making voters who actually knew Brian. Inducting Brian would put no money in any of their pockets. Eppy loses because he's not profitable for them, nor can he pull any strings for them...

...My main passion is to someday see the day when the name Brian Epstein is every bit as recognizable and loved as the names of the other Beatles. Also, of course, to restore the dignity and respect he deserves.

Despite my opinion of the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," that place is probably going to be around for a long long time. An ungodly number of people worldwide will trust it to be their only source to identify the pioneers of modern music. And they will walk away having no clue about the man who changed the world by bringing us the Beatles.
FROM 11/17/2004 post--> RRHOF - Why won't more people care?