March 10th, 2006


Just a strange old lady rambling on about a dumped Beatle...

Don't worry about Pete Best. Pete's doing great, he's alive and touring and has lots of fans now. He's made his wad on royalties from Anthology. He still acts like he's confused as to why he was dumped, but deep inside he's GOT to know the truth is he just didn't fit, that's all. Not the same sharp witty sense of humor, no chance that he could be "cuted up" to be commercial.

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Ringo's doing super, too. I can't wait for his Stan Lee superhero cartoon thingy to come out: what are they waiting for!!! Ringo knows he was America's symbol of The Beatles (Brian even said that in his book - in slightly different words). Even though he realizes he's the "lowest rated" Beatle within their inner circle, he's still a part of history and the phenomenon that changed the world drastically. His name is recognized as being Beatle-ish more than the others. He's always been totally grateful for his lucky break in becoming a Beatle, after what he went through as a child, all the sickness and poverty. He has never forgotten that.

They're both fine. You can look at both of them and be happy.