February 15th, 2006


Why I'm kind of an "Anti-Valentine"

Slash through St Valentin signI'm not anti-Valentine because I'm unloved; far from it. My intolerance for such holidays springs neither from spite nor sour grapes.

I'm anti-Valentine (anti- most so-called "holidays," actually) because I resent being told I should feel a certain way on a certain day.

Ah, at times I do enjoy playing along (such as my latest beatlepics plaything) ... why get overly serious about it all? Life is, after all, such an off-color, tasteless joke in itself. So I treat Valentine's Day and other holidays as the jokes they are. When you start thinking there's something meaningful about them is when they repel me.

I'm a great believer that every item, every area in life needs its corresponding antagonist. The world even needs its (perish the thought!) anti-Eppies*.

I have felt resistance to such hyped pressures ever since I was small. My daughter either carries this same genetic anomaly or has developed the same attitude via example or osmosis, for she also refuses to conform -- while her father eagerly trots along behind anyone who sucks up to him and throws him crumbs.

Undoubtedly many of the anti-Valentiners ARE people who cry for themselves in self-pity, bemoaning the lack of another pathetic human to cling to; these individuals need to wake up, stand on their own feet and scrape up some pride. Surprising how a person who radiates self-esteem will attract others.
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I'm not saying I'm full of feelings of self-worth. In many ways I'm merely a lowly toad amongst the glorious frogs of the universe (is that coining a bad analogy or what!). But by my very nature I'm not a joiner or a follower. And I'm not jumping on this Valentines bandwagon, either.

Therefore let the cattle move on; the eagle and her fledgling shall fly high above the mooing crowd.

Hee hee.
It's not surprising that my nieces call me "the anti-Chris"...!
*Believe me, there are many anti-Eppies out there. Beginning with the people who, to this day, bear grudges for being pushed aside by Brian in the earliest days; i.e., Bill Harry
- KEY SENTENCE: "...the open animus of Harry means that - even if there IS some truth in his version - it is impossible to know conclusively if the story is accurate - or a part of his undisguised dislike of Epstein." -
as not being good enough for them, or who were rejected for using his boys for their own interests rather than purely The Beatles' interests.
Or the anti-Eppies who misunderstand his so-called "bad business decisions."
And the anti-Eppies, both gay-pride types and homophobes, who scorn his lifestyle without giving a thought or care as to why that lifestyle evolved.