December 6th, 2005


Beatles Xmas Records

Haddy CrimbleIn 1970, I was one of the lucky Beatles Fan Club members who received one of the limited number of Christmas LP's that they were sending out as an apology for shutting down the fan club, along with a $5.00 check drawn on Apple Corps, Ltd. Of course I still have it and never cashed it - what am I, stupid?

As you can see by this unlucky blogger, either Apple or the RIAA have been demanding the taking down of any online Beatles stuff, including their Xmas records.

If you hurry, I've found mp3's at
that haven't been killed yet. The links to each Xmas record are at the bottom of the page, so gopher it!!!

Or, at the risk of having them jump on ME, here they are:

All the Beatles' Christmas singles as mp3-files:

1963 MP3
1964 MP3
1965 MP3
1966 MP3
1967 MP3
1968 MP3
1969 MP3

Let me know if they fail to work.

Also, in my wanderings I stumbled upon a website full of Beatles photo galleries that I thought some of you may not have seen yet:

Haddy Crimble!
Haddy Crimble!

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