December 4th, 2005


Re Ono: Try to dispute any of these points

I don't think that she single-handedly destroyed The Beatles
(Eppy did that by dying; Yoko just gets the blame),
I do agree with most of what this author says.

One statement that struck gold with me was:
"Given their supposed sanctity, her licensing of Lennon's songs for TV commercials remains impossible to fathom. The same goes for her callous denial of access and inheritance to Julian, John's son from his first marriage to Cynthia."

O noAs Yoko Ono sanctions more and more exploitation of John Lennon's relatively meagre post-Beatle output, his legacy diminishes and the legend fades, writes Michael Dwyer.

THE JOHN LENNON I see every day is half the man I had stuck to my bedroom wall as a teenager. Back then it was the individual head shot that came with the Beatles' White Album. Independent and resolute, the long-haired, clean-shaven, denim-clad John was top dog in a column of four faces that ruled my world. Collapse )

Many thanks to madzilla for pointing us at this article.

New Article By Hunter Davies re Lennon

Hunter Davies, author of the only Beatles biography authorized by Brian Epstein before his death, always gives us a different and nicely honest slant on the Fab 4. This one starts a little slow but gets much better... Collapse )

Hunter Davies, author of the band's only authorised biography, 'The Beatles', available in an illustrated version from Cassells, £15, is working on his memoirs, 'The Beatles, Football and Me' to be published by Headline next autumn>

An interesting interview with Hunter Davies (with a few small Beatles and Brian pics) is at