November 27th, 2005


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Even for non-Yoko people, this article holds a few gems, such as the statements by Cilla (I like the very last line in the article). Lennon was almost as much an enigma as Epstein.
Memories of John -- Watch for popups!
Brian Epstein: Shy, brilliant, gorgeous, and trying to deal with his own mob of fansYou hear about John getting in physical altercations with other guys; well, what most people don't realize is that Brian was also a heavy 6-footer (despite his demeanor and appearance), and had been known for doing quite well fistfighting when he had to defend himself, to keep from actually getting killed in those damned situations he got himself into.

Even when he fashionably emaciated himself into a skinny look, by weight he was so heavy that it took three guys to carry him out of his house to get him to the hospital once.

People are never what they seem, and Eppy was a fascinating chameleon.

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On a totally unrelated note, we should never, ever miss "Superman Is A Dick" updates!!!