October 10th, 2005


Anybody know?

How can I give someone on LJ my email address
without either of us having to put it on LJ
where everyone can see?

If there is a way of doing this, I would
greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me!!!


Brian colorbar by  _euroticket

*♥*I wuv this anecdote!*♥*

Starkey thinks he's on telly!!!Until the Beatles came along,
many people didn't even know that
Ringo could be a person's name.

True story: when Brian Epstein
bought the plane tickets to bring
the Beatles to America,
he was told that "Ringo"
had to ride down in luggage
with the other pets.

Another comedian dies

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDon't know who else is old enough to remember him, but Louis Nye died Sunday of lung cancer.

I know him best as Steve Allen's sidekick who'd always say, "Hi-ho, Steverino!"

If you remember him, it would probably be as Sonny Drysdale, the banker's prissy son, in the original Beverly Hillbillies Show reruns.

They're goin' away, folks. They're goin' away fast.