October 9th, 2005


John would have grooved like crazy on the 21st century...

I'll bet Brian envies this horseI've never been one to deify John Lennon, but today's the day, I suppose. And if it were possible for Brian Epstein to read this bit of eppylover writty, seeing me praise his boy for a change would no doubt make him very happy.

Had Lennon lived, the past several years would have been John's finest and most enjoyable, if only because of the internet. He had always looked forward to "a world community" -- and that's exactly what the world wide web has become! He was such a prophet once in awhile. (And at this point the eppylover is biting her tongue, suppressing the urge to qualify that statement!)

This excerpt from the letter written August 2005 by Yoko Ono Lennon and published in Q Magazine confirms my belief that the web would have been John's idea of heaven on earth:
"He would have been so interested in the internet. Sitting at the computer, that's so typical John. He loved writing things. He would have had a great website with all his drawings up there. And he could have communicated with everyone from his study at home."
Thank you, madzilla, for relaying Yoko's message on to us!


The University of St Andrews in Scotland has shown us what John would look like at age 65,
and yes, he would still be powerfully attractive.
Click: Imagine.. John Lennon at 64

Oh, how I'd love to have them do the same with Brian Epstein.
Fat and bald? I'd sooo adore him anyway, no matter what! :)

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