August 26th, 2005


Sorry for not answering people lately

CROSS-POSTED TO mrbrianepstein
Please forgive me for not responding to comments in the past couple days. It seems that as soon as I get my planned post online, something else comes up. Those damn housewifely duties get in the way too often. Meanwhile, I'm trying not to let the husband see me at the computer when he's not at work, because he's jealous of it, and bad things happen. (This situation shall not last more than 3 more years.) Also, I'm letting Steph monopolize the machine more than usual, because she's only got three more free days until school starts again.

To top it all off, ya know, it surely doesn't help my get-up-and-goferit when tomorrow happens to be the 38th anniversary of Brian's (IMHO PBrown-enabled, not directly-caused) demise. I'll try to get into an explanation of that later.
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See the full-size snapshot showing Brian Epstein's headstone, that I bought at the 1983 Beatlefest from a guy that actually took the picture at Long Lane Jewish Cemetery - Collapse )