August 15th, 2005


Latest Review of "LENNON" Musical

eppylover preface:
Don't get me wrong -- I thoroughly believe that, in Brian Epstein's absence, Yoko Ono was the perfect partner for him, with a May Pang or whoever else on the side.

COME ON, you ...and she... KNOW he messed around, it was hardwired in his permanent programming! Yoko just doesn't want people to realize it because it makes her look bad.

Be she good or bad (I feel she was both), to John she was his heaven on earth. No doubt about that.

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Yoko was also much more commercially/socially acceptable than Brian Collapse )

I am very, very curious as to what offensively "effete" extent my Brian is being portrayed in the LENNON musical.

Undoubtedly anyone who complains will be viewed as "anti-Yoko."

I'm not anti-Yoko.

To some extent I'm Yoko-ambivalent,

but mostly I'm Yoko-indifferent.

My reference source for most of my above opinionated blather are Jann Wenner's Playboy Magazine interviews and his Lennon Remembers book.