August 14th, 2005


20th Century Beatles Cartoons - 21st Century Ringo Cartoon?

For Beatles cartoon luvvers,
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Toontracker - The Beatles
-and- The Beatles Cartoon Series!

Here's the history for those not in the know! Per Nostalgia Central,

The Beatles cartoons were screened in the US from September 25, 1965 to April 20, 1969 on ABC Television. They were then seen in syndication and overseas. The series was also repeated in the US in 1986 and 1987 on MTV. Al Brodax and his King Features team created the cartoon series in New York. Due to time constraints, three other studios were subcontracted to help. They were Artransa Park in Australia, Cine-Centrum in Holland, and CanaWest in Vancouver, BC.

The Beatles themselves did not provide the voices for their cartoon counterparts. The voices were provided by actors, including world-renowned voice-over artist, Paul Frees, an American, who provided the voices of John and George.

In the '60's, both Brian Epstein and I thought these poorly-animated things were rather soft and stupid (or "lame" as they say now), and in his disgust he prevented them from being shown in Great Britain. The boys, however, were somewhat amused by them -- especially Ringo, who got a great kick out of being portrayed as (in his words) the "dum-dum" of the cartoon.

Speaking of which, the new Stan Lee cartoon series with Ringo as Superhero is STILL in the works, folks!
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