August 12th, 2005


Pete's really just a nice guy, ya know.

Update on Pete Best:

When Best just ain't good enough

A few choice excerpts/quotes:

...Before Brian Epstein came on the scene, Best's mother served as de facto manager for the group she called "Pete's band." ...

...the Beatles' road manager, Neil Aspinall, was a frequent visitor to the Best home--he sired Best's younger brother, Roag--and continues to be close to the family. ...

In Aug. 1962, 16 months before the Beatles conquered America, Epstein sacked Best. While the other band members share the blame in many accounts, author Philip Norman's authoritative Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation points the finger at producer George Martin, who reportedly asked Epstein to fire Best because he didn't feel the drummer was up to the task of driving the band's beat-heavy pop.

Stung by the slight, Best passed up a chance to join the Merseybeats, another Liverpool band in Epstein's stable of pop acts, and took to pounding the skins for the now-obscure Lee Curtis and the Allstars (a gig arranged secretly by the guilt-ridden Epstein).
I knew Brian didn't really want to hurt Pete, but -- his boys always "had their sweet way," as he used to say. It's actually okay for him today. Pete is probably happier these days than all the others put together. Especially because most of the others died too soon.

(A weird thought -- Pete kinda reminds me of that
dead guy Bernie from "Weekend at Bernie's."
Just stick a pair of sunglasses on him...)