July 8th, 2005


The 40 year ironic correlation

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The Brilliant Satirist Mr. Tom Lehrer
Slice of wry: Tom Lehrer, the master of social satire and topical humor.

This link was picked up by me from cubehouselj on the tomlehrer Community, along with his comment:

Forty years ago, "The Folk Song Army," by singer-satirist Tom Lehrer, captured the smugness of Live 8 and the demonstrators at the G-8 summit. One self-described activist says that flying to Scotland, where the summit is meeting, "shows you that people are passionate about ending poverty..." Unlike the rest of you squares.

In addition --
Here's a great article and review of Mr. Lehrer's CD retrospective --
otherwise referred to by me as his "box set" --
The Remains of Tom Lehrer.

Paul Misses Getting Blown ... Up

I just now came upon this article. Unless I misread something, Paulie pulled this stunt THE DAY BEFORE the bombs went off in the London underground!?

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY busked in disguise in London for a new film.

The former BEATLE blended in anonymously on the British capital's underground railway system - and only aroused the suspicion of a handful of passersby.

He says, "It was for a film, so I scruffed myself up a bit, put on a false beard and shades, and went down to Leicester Square tube station. A couple of people came up and said, 'Is it you?'

"But I just said, 'Oh no!'"

06/07/2005 01:45
Don't YOU blow me up!!!