July 3rd, 2005


Bigger Than Jeebus



OH PLEASE!!!I love this BIGGER THAN JESUS webpage (but watch out for popups).

It's hilarious, right down to the misspellings and plays on people's names, etc.
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Think if I started now I could walk it?

Calculating the (almost) exact distance between me and Eppy:

Distance between Grandville, Michigan, United States and Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies:

3678 miles (5919 km) (3196 nautical miles)

Initial heading from Grandville to Liverpool:
northeast (47.7 degrees)
Initial heading from Liverpool to Grandville:
west-northwest (294.6 degrees)


Grandville, Michigan, US

County: Kent County
Location: 42:54:14N 85:45:22W
Population (1990): 15624
Elevation: 604 feet

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Location: 53:25:00N 2:52:00W

You may try a new search.

See airfares between these two cities in Travel8Ways.com.
See hotels in these two cities in Hotels.Indo.Com or Travel8Ways.com.
See driving distance and directions (courtesy Maps.com).

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Jewish accomplishments, and Jewish appeal to the Eppylover

Brian Epstein confided to his closest friends that he felt the reason he did not receive the MBE along with his boys was that he was Jewish. His friends feel that being gay had just as much to do with it also. Personally, I am offended that the Queen didn't out-and-out knight his ass for changing the freakin world like he did.

Today, being dead has everything to do with the world's failure to credit Brian Epstein with his achievements -- if you haven't read my RRHOF rant, it's explained there -- and as much as I love them, I must place most of the blame on the Beatles themselves for not pushing and insisting on Brian being looked upon and loved as an equal to them. I was hurt and puzzled in 1967, and I still am. Gotta heave a sigh and realize it's just the nature of the beast, errm, I mean the boys.

I'm old enough now that I can act (online) like the crazy fangirl I never was, and not give a shit who reads it (I was too dignified to even scream at the 1966 concert, for pete's sake) (I did bounce in my seat, but don't tell) -- but if you read more into my past posts in my LJ, eppylog, and mrbrianepstein, you can tell that inside I'm deadly serious.

It makes me smile to notice through the years that it's becoming more and more cool to be Jewish. Yiddish words and phrases sprinkle our goyish banter without us even being aware of their origin sometimes. And you can find a zillion websites that acknowledge literally hundreds of amazing accomplishments by people who just happen(ed) to be Jewish. That's where you'll find them credited, folks, google for these websites. And there ARE so many it'll make your head spin!

What percent of people in this country are Jewish (not just by religion, but genetically)? And then what percent of Americans have made the greatest strides in all areas? Research this yourself and it will make you think.

I feel at a sad, sad disadvantage to be a shiksa who was brought up and surrounded by ALL white-bread, boring goyim. Not much else to be found where I live. My biggest problem with not seeking out Jewish friends may be that I feel unworthy to be in the presence of people of such lineage who've survived against all odds since ancient times, meanwhile cultivating the world's best sense of humor in spite of it all. I mean, what the hell would they want with me hanging around? I'm just in awe.

Ha ha -- I feel like a reverse bigot, slap me. I know logically there are just as many rotten Jewish people as awesome ones, and most fall in-between. But again, run those percentages. Gasp.

Besides, and forgive me for getting silly and trivial here, but -- those semetic features freakin' make me MELT, and Jewish humor is beyond compare! Just my personal weakness, just like some people love blond hunks or whatever. Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake lovers, meet the Tom Lehrer, Mel Brooks, Ben Stiller nut ... and aw heck, even though I'm not crazy about all of his work, Adam Sandler's looks blow me away!!!

But, by far, the MOST devastatingly beautiful man who ever lived was -- was -- uhh, what was his name again? :P