June 30th, 2005



Hey Family Guy fans!

Some idiot is selling a piece of Stewie fruit on eBay!

You are bidding on a strawberry that holds an uncanny resemblance with Stewie, the evil, plotting but ultimately just as impotent as any other baby baby from Fox's cartoon show, Family Guy. It is in the freezer waiting for someone to bid. It will be shipped in dry ice to preserve it's form.

Notice the number of people who looked at this thingy, in the green counter box just below the description. Holy shit.

Also notice some idiots also BID on this thingy. Holy JUMPIN shit!

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch."

Before Blogs were invented! -- I found my first-ever newsgroup posting on a random Eppy search!

Thought somebody (besides me) might get a kick out of reading my first post to an internet newsgroup -- from September of 1999 --- in rec.music.beatles, of course!
[Click HERE to see recent postings of this newsgroup]

Well, folks, I was just surfing and searching around for more Eppy (as per usual) and this popped up: - Collapse )

A Boy Named Brian Murders his Parents

197 Queens Drive, L15 = The former home of Brian Epstein, located in the affluent Childwall area.

This boy named Brian lived with his parents in Liverpool.

He was arrested at the home of his girlfriend in Childwall, Liverpool, in September 2004.

After battering and stabbing his parents, he went on holiday to the US with his girlfriend Amal Saba, where his excesses included spending £2,200 on a three-night stay in the Presidential Suite of the Plaza Hotel in New York.

When he returned home on 12 August he stayed with his girlfriend's parents claiming he was locked out of his house until his parents returned "from holiday".

One week later, he learned he had obtained A grades in his maths, chemistry, biology and Spanish A levels and was accepted into Nottingham University.

His parents' neighbours were originally not suspicious about their disappearance as the couple frequently went to Spain on holiday.

The bodies lay undiscovered at the couple's home for several weeks
But their decomposed bodies were discovered after a neighbour called at their three-bedroomed bungalow and noticed an unusual smell.

It's not really a coincidence, but the name Brian and the Childwall, Liverpool area made me think @_@ of my Brian.