June 27th, 2005


NY Daily News on the Beatles catalogue owned by Michael Jackson

A couple of excerpts from this article at the NY Daily News site:

...this catalogue is home to ... 251 Beatles songs. That means John Lennon/Paul McCartney standards like "Yesterday," "In My Life" and "Hey Jude."

This gives the catalogue an unusual prominence, and Jackson himself recently charged the molestation case was just a ploy in a larger conspiracy to put him in a position where he would have to sell his Sony/ATV share.
They made like they were brothers under the skin, ha ha
Today the Sony/ATV catalogue is worth from $400 million to $1 billion. It could be Jackson's most valuable asset, particularly since he has enhanced its value by selling some songs for TV ads - a move that infuriates McCartney, even though he himself has licensed (Buddy) Holly songs for ads.

Ever since Jackson bought the catalogue in 1985, he's said it was both an investment and a rare chance to own music he loves. McCartney, similarly, has often said he would like to own the catalogue just to bring his babies back home. This kind of talk is music to fans' ears.

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The adequately amusing "I Used To Believe" Site - and Beatles!

...and no, the one signed Christine is not me...

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Below are just a few of them that made me giggle:

My parents listened to alot of Beatles music when I was little. When I heard the song "Eight Days a Week" I figured that in England there must be eight days to the week. I spent alot of time wondering what the eighth day was called, and trying to figure out why they got an extra day.

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...and then there was that Beatles song - "she's got a tick in her eye" instead of "she's got a ticket to ride"...