June 22nd, 2005

strange shiksa


I Love My South Park Eppy!Way, way out west ... Liverpool?!

Brian colorbar by  _euroticket
Brian colorbar by _euroticket


From time to time I meander away from my primary purpose in LJ'ing ... which is to try my best to promote Brian Epstein, of course. Certainly he got a unfair deal out of his personal life almost everywhere he turned, and I truly believe that the stresses of giving us the priceless gift of The Beatles cost him his life. And the way the world thanks him? If he isn't out and out ignored, he's either treated as merely a footnote to The Beatles' story, or worse, ridiculed for his very human traits and acts ... meanwhile, error, rumor and outright lies about him are perpetuated. See Remembering The A&E Betrayal, A Poor Businessman???, and A Sceneful of Disrespect.

So this little ole lady who's loved him (more than I've loved the four other Beatles put together) since 1964 is left to try in my tiny way to balance the scales, online where I might be seen, when I can find the time in this wonderful fun that is my life (insert sarcastic sneer). Some sweet day I may possess the liberty and knowledge to put together a proper website of my own for Brian.

There are precious few websites devoted to the devastatingly beautiful Beatles manager: my favorite is M.B.E. Brian Epstein, created and maintained by van and captain__hook. So many pictures, icons, etc., even some audio and a little video. The first time I found the site it totally blew my mind. Just remember one thing: when you click something, you gotta scroll down to find the result of that click. ;) A very small inconvenience for so much great content!

I've virtually monopolized van and captain__hook's mrbrianepstein Community, so my eppylover regular LJ is getting used more and more for just any bizarrity that begs to be exposed to cyberlight. And that's okay. I have a life beyond Brian Epstein. Gasp!

Errrm ... this was going a bit too far, I fear!!!

But I do like to touch base often with my "mission" in my regular journal here. Occasionally my devotion is expressed in almost sacreligious hilarity or naughtiness, and ... you know what? ... I really feel Brian would have found humor (excuse me, humoUr) in most of it. OMG, I would hope that is so!

What I'm saying is, if by some chance miracle a relative or old close friend of Brian's should ever read any of my foolishness, I'm respectfully requesting him or her to please comment to me regarding anything, good or bad ... or, especially, anything I've written or done here that you feel Brian himself would not have appreciated being displayed online. The last thing I would wish is to hurt someone ... or put Brian Epstein in less than the brilliant light he deserves.

In any case, please forgive me ... 'cos p'shawwr, sometoimes Oi'm a right looner, Oi am. ;P