June 15th, 2005


All About Leggy

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Original 1964 First Edition DustjacketIn The Rutles, Leggy Mountbatten named his book "A Cellar Full of Goys." Translation: Stuff The Gentiles in the Basement ... haha

When Brian Epstein exclaimed to a roomful of friends and associates, "Oh, what shall I name this book of mine?" John Lennon sarcastically said, to Brian's embarrassment, "A Cellarful of BOYS."

Personal note: I've always felt they ironically picked an awful-looking man to represent the most devastatingly beautiful man who ever lived ... but perhaps this contrast to the opposite extreme was deliberate...?

In any case, I do feel Brian, who possessed a brilliant iconoclastic and self-depreciating sense of humor hidden from the public but enjoyed by close friends, would have been highly amused and would have appreciated the whole concept of Leggy and The Rutles ... just as JohnandYoko did, even though the Pythonesque film portrayed Yoko in a Nazi uniform! Perhaps the only exception Brian would have made was in the portrayal of his mum Queenie.
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If you ever get the chance, please listen to some of The Rutles' music ... it's extremely well-done, even though it's extremely derivative! In other words, if the Beatles make you tap your feet, The Rutles will make you tap your feet whilst dying of laughter.

p.s. I've heard that the latest Rutles effort, "Archaeology" just doesn't make it ... so for now, I'm not wasting any time watching it or listening to it.

This has been today's item of enlightenment from christine~ the shiksa pseudo fabbi ... uh, I mean rabbi.