May 29th, 2005


Captain Greer, Peggy Lipton and Paul McCartney

I remember watching Mod Squad
(1968-1973) from time to time...

My fave member of the squad was not one
of the main three. I liked their boss,
Capt. Greer, played by Tige Andrews.
Now that I look back on it,
the Capt. Greer role seems
vaguely reminiscent of
someone else I could name...

"To the toppermost
of the poppermost, boys!"

BTW, on the seven kisses dot com website, I found a reference to Mod Squad's Julie (Peggy Lipton) and her "linc" (tee hee) to Paul McCartney ... so, in the webmistress's own words:

Collapse )

Aug 3, 2006 Update
Peggy Lipton Links:
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