April 26th, 2005


For those of you who actually believe Giuliano is for real...


Harry Nilsson Web Page
Harry Nilsson - Lennon in America

by Alex Constantine

In Lennon in America, author Geoffrey Giuliano makes many sensational claims about John Lennon. Giuliano claims that his primary source was a copy of John Lennon's diaries given to the author by Harry Nilsson.

I never met Harry Nilsson, but as a fan who has spent many years maintaining the Harry Nilsson web pages, I find it hard to believe that Harry Nilsson would have betrayed his friend by giving Giuliano anything that would harm the memory of John Lennon.

An article titled "Lennon, Imagined" published in the Buffalo News on May 28, 2000, supports my belief. The article reminds us that Harry Nilsson was very talkative, yet never mentioned to anyone that he had copies of - or even had read any of - the Lennon diaries. Nor did Una, Harry's wife, find them among his possesions after his death in 1994.

A. Lee Blackman, Nilsson's attorney and close friend, is quoted as saying "Harry's going to give Giuliano copies when he doesn't tell any of us?"

"Harry was not going to betray a friend," Blackman added.

The Buffalo News article also questions whether the diaries even contained anything sensational. Major portions of the diaries and other references supplied by Giuliano and reviewed by a Buffalo News reporter revealed only mundane information. The reporter found that the diaries contained little to support Giuliano's wildest claims and actually refuted some of them.

Bob Rosen, who transcribed the original, handwritten journals, said of Giuliano's book, "I see little bits and pieces, pretty mundane stuff, that might have come from the diaries. The sensational things, I don't know where he got them from. I'm assuming he made it up, because I've never seen anything like that."

When questioned about the book's credibility, Giuliano replied "I'm clean as a whistle in the way I put the book together. '60 Minutes' couldn't have done it better.

"What is it that I don't have?" he continued, "People worship me. I sit on a throne. I'm famous. Why would I want to perpetrate fraud on anyone?²

Northern New Jersey Record April 23, 2000 Summary: In the two decades since John Lennon was shot dead on a Manhattan sidewalk, the diaries he wrote during his last years have stood as one of pop music's most closely guarded secrets.

The threat of litigation has shadowed anyone who wanted to quote the diaries in print, and a former employee of Lennon's was prosecuted and found guilty of grand larceny for stealing them.

That history, however, doesn't daunt Geoffrey Giuliano. In the coming weeks, the celebrity biographer plans to release "Lennon in America," a highly critical, luridly detailed account of the ex-Beatle's life from 1971 to 1980.

The book, he says, is based on years of research and interviews; but what's most eye-catching about this 270-page tome is its subtitle: "Based in Part on the Lost Lennon Diaries."

[NOTE: The Lennon diaries are lost to history and useless to historians. The contents are forgeries, in part, altered while illicitly in the possession of Fred Seaman and collaborators, including Lennon "biographer" Bob Rosen. AC]


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Computerless again

Bad news, guys ... I'm posting from my sister's house because my CPU is missing ... guess who took it. Instead of just some cords, this time he makes off with the computer. He's probably thrown it in the back of his pickup truck, since we have very little room in our house to hide stuff that big, and I think I've looked everywhere.

So it won't surprise me if, when I ever get it back, something has shaken loose inside it and it'll be useless. I'm not technical, so I have no idea what to do.

Apparently he got pissed off because my allergies were acting up last night and I was depressed to boot. He sprayed some nasty stuff in the bathroom, and has been constructing a room in the basement, and he works in trees for a living ... all of which, combined with spring being here, has made me miserable. So when I didn't join right in with his moving and cleaning junk in the house and went to bed just before midnight instead, he must have gotten pissed. He was cleaning at the last minute because he had set up an appointment with a house appraiser for 4pm tonight ... one half-hour from now ... and I'm not going to be home, haha ... I wasn't in favor of getting a second mortgage in the first place, but since I'm "retired" without his approval (I've already worked all my life, damnit!), he feels he can do what he pleases.

It actually surprised him that they're going to require my signature for the mortgage. Well, duh! It's in both our names, you know? But he figures anyone who's not working doesn't have rights to anything, is useless, and believes the whole world thinks that way. Well, I guess if he wants me to sign, he'll have to return my computer. Hopefully, he won't return it busted up.

Until the situation changes, I'll try to look in from time to time at my sister's or niece's houses.

Anyone know a very cheap hitman? (Um, joke! In case something happens and the law looks back on my posts, as you know they have been doing in such cases!)

;_; My daughter has been crying at school because she's cut off from her friends now ... her best friend at school lives quite far away but in the same school district, and they've been spending weekends at eachother's houses ... but don't have any classes or lunch together, so that's how they can get together. And since she's been using the "evil" computer, her grades have gone from almost failing to almost all A's. Thanks, dad.
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