April 10th, 2005


Lots and lots of stuff on the Beatles/Elvis Encounter of 1965!

Firstly, why don't we take a gander at the pretty gold set that Elvis and the Colonel gave to Brian when the guys visited Graceland:

And Mr Epstein with that aristocratic tea-sipping-Englishman smirk of his.
Dont'cha love it. Snobby-snob to you too, Brian!

And now, what follows is a bunch of Beatles/Elvis encounter drek I found on the web, some of it quite fascinating, actually.

According to this website, apparently John Lennon did a write-up (it doesn't read like an interview) on their Elvis encounter, and it was reprinted thusly...

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Probably the most accurate perspectives (in the Fabs' own minds) are presented in the Anthology ... and here's an excerpt that was published in October_2000 GQ Magazine. And just because he mentions Brian, I must repeat a quote from Nel ...

NEIL ASPINALL (road manager and future manager of Apple Records): The Colonel was there and all of Elvis's buddies, the so-called Memphis Mafia, and Priscilla. The first thing they did was show us their pool table that swiveled and became a craps table.

We went into this other room with a television set that seemed to he twenty feet by twenty feet. Then Brian walked in and the Colonel said, "A chair for Mr. Epstein," and about fifteen people came with chairs.

I remember that when Brian told the Colonel that he managed bands other than the Beatles, the Colonel was shocked. He said he didn't understand how Brian could handle more than the Beatles, because it took him all his time to handle Elvis. ...

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Finally, here's the encounter told straight from the hairdresser's mouth: Larry Geller was Elvis's hairdresser, and gave Piers Beagley this interview October_2003:

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Coincidentally, the Fabs/Elvis encounter took place EXACTLY two years before Brian died, on August_27.

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