December 27th, 2004


Times UK Review on Ellis Book

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The Times Online
December 11, 2004

The rest of the best of this year’s books are recommended for more perverse reasons. While you could run a closely fought competition for the worst line in a rock book this year there are two books that hold true to that old encomium “So bad it’s good.” The first is I Should Have Known Better by Geoffrey Ellis (Thorogood, £16.99; offer £13.59), one of the suits at NEMS, the Beatles’ publishing company. Ellis is a fabulous creature to have written a book on the Beatles — a Pooterish* figure for whom a typical anecdote about a wild Beatles party will go “I fell asleep in a twin bedroom and woke to find the late comedian, Kenny Everett, in the next bed. We had no conversation as, by the time he woke, I had left the house.” Any Beatles fan will truly delight in it, in the same way they delight in Piggies.

*Definition of "Pooterish" -- Adjective. Usage: UK
Being in the character of Pooter from "Diary of a Nobody": somewhat pompous, unintellectual and unimaginative (but basically well-meaning) traditionalist with an unexciting lifestyle; probably derogatory if used by a Guardian reader, more sympathetic if by a Telegraph reader.

Read the entire article in The Times Online -- This review is second from the bottom. BTW, Bob Dylan fans should be interested in the first few reviews on this page.

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I Should Have Known Better: A Life in Pop Management - "The Beatles", "Brian Epstein" and "Elton John" ~ Geoffrey Ellis -- (Hardcover - October 29, 2004)
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I cannot wait until I can afford to order this. I have put a bug in the US's ear, but have yet to hear or see any results on my inquiry.