December 12th, 2004


Your Eppy Lesson For Today...from the Shiksa Pseudo-Rabbi

Yiddish (YID-ish)
The "international language" of Ashkenazic Jews, based primarily on German with words taken from Hebrew and many Slavic languages, and written in the Hebrew Alphabet.
See: Yiddish

Brian Epstein was an Ashkenazic Jew. His Zayde (grandfather) Isaac was born in a village called Hodan, in Lithuania. His Bubbe (grandmother) Dinah was probably from Poland. Brian's father Harry was the third eldest of the six children of Isaac and Dinah.

Brian's mother Queenie (given name Malka, Hebrew for queen) was born in Sheffield, and was living with her parents in Manchester when she met Harry. He was always "absolutely nutty" over her, according to Harry's sister Stella Cantor.

When they married, Queenie was 18 and Harry was 28.