November 28th, 2004


I still want this book...

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List Price: £16.99

Our Price: £11.89

Book Description
"What a refreshing change, after the chauffeurs and the half cousins, to have a book about the Beatles by someone who was on the inside as opposed to outside in the corridor, trying to listen through the key hole. Geoffrey Ellis was a vital part of NEMS, an intimate associate of Brian Epstein, a suit who knew where the skeletons lay. I learned a lot I didn’t know about their money matters, the history of Northern Songs, paternity claims,
Brian’s sex life.
It provides new insights – not all of them complimentary, especially about John Lennon … "

I think I'll drop the US company a note requesting this book be made available to American purchasers on their own site.
Also, I may just wait a while until somebody on Amazon or eBay wishes to sell it for a little less money.  £11.89, after all, does convert to $22.55 US Dollars (today's rate)!