November 22nd, 2004


Lennon & the birth of the Mersey Beat Paper, etc...

WITH writers like John Lennon, Brian Epstein and Cilla Black, Bill Harry was a lucky editor. Now he is preparing to relaunch the legendary Mersey Beat.

Bill Harry's Mersey Beat website ( has articles by all the Beatles and Brian Epstein.

"No one else in the world has these," says Bill, 65. "I am doing the history of every group and every artist - an A to Z of all the Liverpool acts.

"This has really sparked the interest of the media abroad. I have done interviews with Japanese TV and I have been getting correspondence from all over the world.

"The first section is called Birth and it is the story of how Mersey Beat was founded with a list of more than 400 groups who played in Liverpool. Then we have the Archive section with all the material from the original Mersey Beats, and there is a section devoted to The Beatles.

"I have been in touch with a printer and I am licensing a company, so there will be replica copies of the Mersey Beat, probably available next year. There is talk now of me doing Mersey Beat Today, an up-to-date account of all the groups now."
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