November 21st, 2004


Brian's office boy auctioning items given to him by Brian!

This and This  and the other items listed this week, were given to him by Brian Epstein when clearing out an old cupboard in the office. 
He was told "he could have them, or to throw them away"........thankfully he kept them.

A few items from Brian Epstein's office boy at NEMS in 1966-7 (UK demo 45's) . (He's asked me to test the water with these items,

...and then will consider auctioning many desirable items (I have seen) which include
a couple of complete sets of Beatles autographs (circa 1966-7),
His contract of employment signed by Brian,
Brian Epstein's draft script for "Work is a Four Letter Word",
various demo records and promotional materials and memorabilia from the Beatles US tours

............and all this stuff was given to him over 18 months by Brian Epstein!

I am 100% sure their origins are as stated, but (as yet) can offer no documentary proof so they are sold with no guarantee on background.

And, cries eppylover, like, WOW! I wonder if he has any of Brian's more personal-type items lying around?

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