October 18th, 2004


Eric Andersen talks to Spencer Leigh re Brian

  Excerpt: first published in Country Music People for February 2004.

Brian Epstein wanted to get a record deal for me and he said he would find good places for me to play. John Denver was the only person I told because everybody in the folk world would have hated me for going with Brian. I was going to keep it secret until there was a press conference.

I was at the Philadelphia Folk Festival when I found out that he had died. The guy who ran the festival got on stage and said, ‘I have good news for everybody - Brian Epstein has died. He never did anything for folk music and the Beatles never did anything for folk music.’ That is the day that I hated folk music.

People were calling me a folk singer and I rued the day that they called me that because I was so angry. They were so narrow minded and self-righteous and bigoted.

I had to play that night and I felt like walking off into the woods. I completely trusted Brian Epstein and I was devastated by his death.”

The entire article on Mr Anderson USED TO BE at http://www.spencerleigh.demon.co.uk/ericandersen.htm ...

...but, since that page has been deleted, you can find the cached page via the web.archive.org Wayback Machine

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Trivia anyone?
The only time* Brian Epstein was mentioned in the old 60's Beatles cartoon TV show was in Episode 3A, "PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN" (locale - Africa)
Summary: The Beatles are all out of money and starving, thanks to Ringo buying rings that are immediately handshaken off him.

Ringo attempts to "wire" Brian Epstein by drumming on a log! However, he forgets to reverse the charges.

Dialogue from George: "If the operator wants ten pounds, I'll give her ten pounds!" (Grabs stick from Ringo and "pounds" the log) "One, two, three - "

The postman finally arrives, during their concert, but instead of money they receive an overdue notice from the Liverpool Light Company.

-(posted in newsgroups rec.arts.animation and rec.music.beatles by Howard Fein on 7/9/2004)


*Eppylover correction: A Beatle fan's webpage claimed there was indeed another mention of Brian in one other episode in this series, Thank You Girl. However, when I found it on YouTube, "Brian" turned out to be an unnamed, unseen man sitting in a pink chair All you can see is a hand holding a cigar. The voice was distinctly American. Please see THIS POST for details.
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