October 13th, 2004


OT - Beatles Fan Club Xmas Records

I like to consider the boys as being "off-topic" in my Eppy journal :) ... but if you don't have their Xmas fan club mp3's (or, as in my case, the original records ... nyah nyah) click on the pic below and it will take you to a site where you can obtain the mp3's. 

   In plenty of time to burn on CD's to give for Hannukah?

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... This page shows the astrological birth chart of Brian Epstein, as drawn by a site called CyberWorld Khaldea.
I do not claim to, nor wish to understand this nonsense ... however, it is somewhat amusing, in a rather bizarre way.

Brian Epstein - 19 Sep 1934 - 4:30:00 AM BST
If anyone thinks they actually understand or can interpret any of this, I would be appreciative of the input!
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OT: Tracks UK Store rare Beatles items on eBay