October 2nd, 2004



A book had apparently been released in the UK, Jan. 2004, written by Geoffrey Ellis, entitled, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER: A Life in Pop Management - "The Beatles", "Brian Epstein" and "Elton John"  

(christine's NOTE: Geoffrey Ellis was at Brian's country home with Peter Brown to spend the August 1967 bank holiday, and they waited in vain for Brian to come back that fatal weekend, as he said he would. Ellis was apparently a very good friend ... since they were expecting extra company in the form of call-boys. The boys unfortunately never showed up until after a disappointed Brian drove back to Chapel St, where he died.) 

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"His insight is less than adulatory and often critical, in particular of the Beatles and Brian Epstein, his friend."
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(christine's NOTE: I want to find out what Mr Ellis has to say about Brian that is "less than adulatory and often critical." I wonder if he is as big a backstabber as Peter Brown turned out to be.)
Collapse )His book contains insights and stories, many previously unpublished, concerning the often tortuous business and personal affairs of Epstein, and the aftermath of his death." Collapse )

Hello. I need this book. Yes I do.