christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

King and Mist

Stephen King.comI was a fan of Stephen King's work ever since stumbling upon 'Salem's Lot during my first marriage in the '70's. I have a pile of his older books, but have not read any King since I married this present dimbulb husband.

Did you hear they're making a movie of "The Mist" from his "Skeleton Crew" compilation? I do hope that, if you lower yourself to watching it, you will read the short story first!

As a King book snob (anti-King-movies, for the most part), I cannot fathom and do not approve of making "The Mist" into a film. What a travesty that would be, along the lines of how they raped "The Dead Zone."

Don't ever watch a movie based upon a King story without READING it first.
That's an order. ;P

I'll admit that "Carrie" and "The Shining" weren't too bad, considering ~ but that's mainly because, by hook or by crook, they were able to partially make up for content that is just impossible to put on film.

So very, very much of his work is comprised of THOUGHTS going through people's heads; nothing that can be filmed. And, I don't care HOW advanced computerized technology has become ~ you just canNOT match the images that your imagination conjures up while reading a book.

However, I guess we've been reduced to this ~ I think that the most recent generations of people, due to having been brought up sucking in movies instead of books, have pretty much lost the mental ability to develop their own imagery.

I never fail to be disappointed with a film adaptation of any Stephen King. Which is why whenever I hear anyone say the words, "Stephen King movie," I cringe in disgust. *shrugs*

Of course, Mr. King loves to have his books filmed.
I really don't blame him. I mean, feh, what the hell.

BTW, I think you may be interested in some of [ THIS ] ~~ there are lots of things here that I'm surprised I didn't know.

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