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Simon for Sunday

Your eppylover found herself much too absent from the internet to effect a proper Sunday Sermon ~~ but Simon's latest email will have to do.

It's not quite offensive enough to put behind a cut (unless, of course, you are a fundamentalist which case, just decapitate cut it yourself).

Simon in the 60's


From Shirley Sandys, Cairo, Egypt

Simon... what's your take on this stupid tosser in Australia who says for a woman to go out without a veil is like leaving uncovered meat around for the dogs. Don't you think 'Uncovered Meat' would be a great title for a song? I'm thinking of writing and recording one - a lament for the Islamic woman's oppressed situation - in the vein of Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit'.

Sounds like you've got a hit on your hands. And you seem to be in the right part of the world to get it organized. Put it out on Mullah Records, get the video shown on Al Jazeera TV and take out some life insurance.

Hope you're not looking for a manager.


From Jason Barnes, Isle of Man

Don't you think that what Shirley Sands was talking about justifies some serious thought? In the past music & lyrics (and art of all sorts for that matter) have sometimes helped highlight social problems and focus people's attention on them.

Shirley Sands has the awful sound about her of a 'do-gooder'. Worse than that, she only seems to be do-gooding as a way of coming up with a hit song. Imagine 'Strange Fruit' having been sung by a white singer rather than by Billie Holiday!

Anyway, this "Islamic women's oppressed situation" stuff brings us back to the "is there a religious gene?" question. If there is, I suppose we have to feel sorry for those that are born with it and are therefore uncontrollably religious. If there isn't, then religion is a choice, and so too, presumably, the oppression that goes with it. I know, I know... the social and family pressures that prevents young Moslem women from breaking with their social roots... but in this case we're talking about people who live under Australian law. They can choose to live their own lives or they can keep the veil pulled over their brains and put up with the mad meat-Mullah.

Having to listen to to the unknown (and probably untalented) Shirley Sandys sing a song about it won't help much.

Extra Added Christian
Attraction for Halloween!

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