christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Watch for Harrison-ism during guitar break

Just a small thingy here, not fiendish at all. Thanks be to Zyzzy.

Took a quick spin thru my flist because I had to arise to prepare slop for his majesty's arrival. zyzzybalubah embedded a vid, for which I must give you a link, because it is sweet.

Anything on the embedded YouTube players always look too blurry on my screen, and they don't give you the option of re-sizing the picture. I dunno if anyone else has that problem, so here I give you the linky instead.

Your sickly eppylover is not normally a music vid watcher, but this one appealed quite.
Very English-y. And the taste of Georginess didn't hoit none neither.

dot. dot. dot.
Stephy asked why I was watching a coffee commercial. ani googly eyes smiley

According to the Stephy
The Ducky Freeman File ~
Where all the lost socks in the world end up.

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